Marcia Adams: Something Rustic and Romantic

Happy New Year, everyone! What do you know, it’s already February tomorrow. I would still like to start off by wishing everyone a prosperous year ahead. May we gain more meaningful experiences and achieve our goals this year!

Marco and I will be getting our hands full this year because we recently got engaged. Hihi! He proposed to me days before Christmas and it was a touching moment. It also made a nice Christmas gift. Haha. We’ve now started preparing for our wedding. Didn’t know there were so many things to prepare and consider when planning a wedding! I was overwhelmed at first with all the details when I started doing my research but it wasn’t long before I got drawn in the excitement of it all. I’m currently enjoying the process and I know the busy months are ahead, but I’ll still find time to write. So for my first post for the year, I’m sharing with you our visit at Marcia Adams.

A few weeks ago, Marco and I scheduled a trip to Tagaytay to reserve our wedding reception. It would be days before our anniversary that time, so we decided to have an early celebratory lunch within the area. Marcia Adams was our top choice.

Marcia Adams

Marcia Adams, a Tuscany-inspired garden restaurant, lets people experience a rustic and romantic fare. It has stone walls and stone pathways as well as quaint interiors. You’ll find an abundance of plants and pretty flowers of various colors within the place, and rolling hills would greet you through large windows. The overall setup would make you think that you’re in a Mediterranean countryside, which is really lovely. I had lunch here with my family before and aside from the ambiance, I truly enjoyed the food. I actually loved the place so much so that it became my personal top favorite which I wrote about here. In the post, I was raving about the restaurant’s grilled aromatic pork. I would love to get my hands on it again! 

Marcia Adams offers a 3-course set meal priced at P735 each. You get to enjoy an appetizer, main course and a dessert.


Hummus with Whole Wheat Tortilla

Tzatziki with Lettuce Chips

I like how the appetizers are guilt-free because they’re on the healthy side. I don’t eat hummus often but I find myself enjoying this dip more and more especially when paired with tortilla. For the Tzatziki, I was wondering what it was but after a few clicks online, I found out it’s a dip made from yogurt, garlic and cucumbers and it’s said to be a common dish in Southeast Europe and Middle East. Both the appetizers had been great snacks while we waited for the main courses.  That’s really a good thing because the waiting time was long. We waited close to an hour before the main courses were served! I must say it’s worth it, though. 

Main Courses

Grilled Aromatic Pork

Italian pork chop

I love that the steak and pork belly occupied half our plates. You can order another cup of rice given their size. They’re also herbfully tasty (I was finally able to satisfy my aromatic pork belly craving!) so you might really call the waiter for that extra order. The steak was quite saltier for me but Marco thought otherwise. I admit my taste buds are more sensitive than others’ so it’s probably just that.


Panna Cotta with Lemon Sauce

Strawberry Yogurt Ice Cream with Berry Compote

Given my preference for mild flavors, I enjoyed these desserts! They had just the right amount of sweetness that also made me appreciate the tang in the lemon sauce for the panna cotta and the berries for the yogurt ice cream. Yum!

I really like trying out garden restaurants or hidden gems in Tagaytay just like Marcia Adams. I didn’t mind visiting the place again because it’s worth going back to. If you can suggest dining places like this, please do let me know in the comments section!

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