My Blog Turned 1!

    Happy 1st year of blogging to me! After publishing my last blog entry, it suddenly occurred to me that I’ve been doing this for a year now. Wow. Gracie Inspired has become both my journal and album, two things I used to update to preserve memories. Continue reading


    Snacking on Korean Street Foods

    Food! Who doesn’t get pumped at the thought of tasting authentic dishes when visiting another country? I for one usually think about the sort of food I’d be able to try for the first time days before a trip. Because other than the tourist destinations, food is another thing that induces curiosity and excitement when travelling!

    Continue reading


    South Korea Travel Series | Part 3: Busan

    Aaaand I’m back with the 3rd part of my travel series! It has been 2 months since our trip to South Korea and I haven’t been able to write as much as I planned I would. It’s been hectic at work lately and the time I usually spend in collecting my thoughts and translating them into words has inadvertently turned into moments of rest. Continue reading

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