9 Awesome Places We Visited in Siargao

It’s been a month since my friends and I had our trip to Siargao yet thoughts of its blue green waters, coconut trees and yummy fruit bowls still fill my mind sometimes. Then memories of my fear-conquering jumps at Sugba Lagoon would turn up next.

Curious before, it’s no secret to me now why Siargao is one of the Philippines’ most popular travel destinations. You’ll get sold on its beaches, dining places and its thrilling activities! My friends and I stayed here for 4 days and during that time we got to visit 9 awesome places. Check them out below!

1. Cloud 9

Dubbed as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, Siargao attracts local and international surfers alike. There are lots of surfing spots here and Cloud 9 is the most popular one. It’s even a common venue for surfing competitions. I read it’s because the break here creates waves that turn into thick, hollow tubes – great for intermediate and advanced surfers.

We went to Cloud 9 late in the afternoon and walked towards the iconic three-story viewing deck. From there, we had a good view of the prominent waves. I wish we had time to surf while in Siargao but we couldn’t squeeze it in our schedule. Next time for sure!

2. Naked Island

Naked Island may have just been all white sand but that’s what makes this 100-meter piece of beauty unique! It’s the only “naked” island I’ve set foot on so far. It has no trees nor huts – just bare awesomeness. With mountains in the distance and clear blue waters, you’ll surely click away. You may even go for a swim if the heat’s bearable.

Since there aren’t any trees for shade, to fully enjoy the island during summer, I suggest going here in the morning or making this your last stop in the afternoon.

3. Daku Island

Named for its size, Daku, which is big in Bisaya, is the biggest among the three islands (Naked, Daku and Guyam) in our tour. The island will welcome you with white-sand beach, tons of coconut trees and cottages to rent out. We ate our lunch here, drank buko juice, and hung out for a couple of hours. Such was our island life. 

On the isolated part of Daku, we had a scenic view of the clear waters while hearing the soothing sound of waves crashing into rocks.

4. Guyam Island

With its size and natural features, Guyam Island promises a serene and chill time to visitors. It has its share of white-sand beach, coconut trees and captivating blue waters. And it’s nice that it wasn’t crowded. My friends and I just lazed the rest of the afternoon away here.

This was also where we had a “bridal shower” pictorial. My wedding’s not until next year but we didn’t miss the opportunity of taking special photos while on an island. It’s sweet and cool that my friends were all up for it! We love how our photos turned out.

5. Coconut Road

One distinguishing feature of Siargao is its abounding coconut trees. Never have I seen so many on an island! Even before our plane landed, I could see hectares of these beauties from above. I remember getting excited at the sight. It’s like they were a foretaste to the wonders that awaited us.

The pictures below were of a breathtaking scenery taken on the side of the road going to Del Carmen port. There’s nothing but the sky, the mountains and tons of coconut trees to treat your eyes and heart with.

6. Kawhagan Island

Kawhagan Island wasn’t in the itinerary that my friends and I made but good thing it’s included in the package tour that we availed. This place has a sand bar! I always get thrilled with sand bars as I rarely see one.

Kawhagan Island had to be our first stop in our 2nd-day tour because high tide usually kicks in late in the morning.

7. Sugba Lagoon

Definitely one of my favorites! Ever since seeing pictures of Sugba Lagoon online, I’d been looking forward to visiting it. And it’s amazing when I was finally there. The lagoon’s color was how I thought it would be – an enchanting blue green. Standing on the edge of the iconic diving platform was also a fulfilling moment.

What I didn’t expect was the jumping part. The diving platform was 3 meters high and although a bit scared, I wanted to take the plunge at least once just for the experience. And what do you know, I didn’t just end up jumping once but four victorious times! I had to do it with a friend every time but I was still amazed by my guts. Haha.

Other things you can do at Sugba Lagoon are kayaking, bamboo rafting and paddleboarding.

8. Magpupungko Rock Pools

Another must-see, Magpupungko Rock Pools is a popular tourist spot that boasts of clear and turquoise waters. On low tides, rock formations surface and create pools that are great for swimming even for young ones.

Magpupungko Rock Pools was the most crowded tourist spot that we’d been to but I enjoyed swimming here because there’s no danger of being swept away by the current. Just wear aqua shoes as the rocks can be slippery and sharp.

9. Bent Coconut Tree in Maasin River

I could already feel the exhaustion towards the end of our trip but my mind was still set on seeing the last attraction – the bent coconut tree.

Among the thousands of coconut trees that stretch along Maasin River comes one that stands out. The bent coconut tree, with its unique position, sticks out over the river and fascinates both locals and tourists. We saw it right away when we stopped by the red bridge.

The tree also serves as a swing! As a thrilling way to get into the water, you can climb the tree, hold the rope attached to it, swing away then let go! It sure was entertaining to watch others and one of our friends do it.

Siargao surely made our summer great! And not only were we happy with our experience, but we also got a kick out of the local eats. We tried some of the recommended dining places like Kermit, Warung, Shaka Café and Vivo Inn’s Bistro and boy were our palates happy. They all had some winner dishes, if not all. 

There are still so much to see and experience in Siargao and I hope to come back to this paradise and explore more. Until then, I would think of its blue green waters, coconut trees and these awesome places.

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