Discovering Deli de San Honore

In one of our trips to Tagaytay a couple of weeks back, my family and I stopped by to eat at Deli de San Honore. My sister had suggested we have our early dinner there, seeing that the restaurant had been getting a number of good reviews online and being the foodie that she is. And I was glad we did. We were surprised by how good the food was!

Deli de San Honore

Deli de San Honore is a dining place that serves mostly Italian dishes. It’s one of those off-the-beaten-path restaurants, located in a quiet neighborhood along Zambal Road in Tagaytay City. It’s quite the modest establishment; white-painted structure and a wooden signage will greet you outside while you’ll be ushered into a small but rather cozy dining area inside. If you prefer to enjoy your meal al fresco, you can dine in their garden where more tables are laid out.

Dine Al Fresco

Stairs leading to the garden

Tables and chairs

The whole place has a simple setup, good for anyone looking for a quiet and nice time with family or friends.  My family and I sure had a nice, early dinner here. As simple and unassuming as this restaurant may be, what will impress you here is the really good food for reasonable prices. 

Deli de San Honore is owned by Chef Jeremy and his wife, Kate Joson. Chef Jeremy worked and trained in the US and came back to the Philippines to set up a business with his wife. They established Deli de San Honore more than 2 years ago and it has been steadily gaining visitors and patrons alike.

Chef Jeremy himself prepares and cooks the dishes offered on the restaurant’s menu. I actually found out about this only after we’d had our dinner. Unaware then that a trained and professional cook would be handling our fare, my expectations were just built around my foodie sister’s enthusiasm to try the dishes. Same with my parents and youngest sister. So it quite caught us by surprise when each dish turned out to be really good! Here are the ones we tried.

Stuffed Chicken Breast (P330)

Stuffed chicken breast

This chicken breast was delightfully slightly crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. It’s stuffed with jambon blanc and mozzarella for the extra flavor. It’s also served with creamy mashed potato.

Crispy Duong Aglio Olio (P370)

Crispy Duong Aglio Olio

When I check the choices under Pasta on a restaurant’s menu, my eyes always seem to lock on a dish that has tomatoes in it and one that’s particularly oil-based. I love these components in pasta. That’s why I truly enjoyed the Crispy Duong Aglio Olio. It had fresh goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes and arugula. 

Roast Pork Belly (P385)

Roast Pork Belly

This is hands down my favorite among the bunch! The pork belly was tender and full of flavor. It was served with green apple salad and green mustard. I think aside from the succulent pork, the green mustard drizzled on it made this a winner. Really tasty, you guys!

Herb de Provence Porkchop (P380)

I’ve read that this is a house favorite and for good reasons. The pork chop was yet another tender and flavorful special – something that you should also definitely go for. It’s served with garlic rice, french beans and sweet pickle chips.

Pizza Margherita (P480)

In Deli de San Honore, charcoal is used when cooking, not gas. So this tomato-and-basil pizza was baked in a brick oven. It’s served hot, with its crust crisp but the dough soft and moist. I remember enjoying every bite while savoring the tomatoes and cheese.

Toward the end of our hearty dinner, Chef Jeremy himself came up to us and had a little chat about the food and the restaurant. He mentioned that the restaurant was only open on weekends. Good thing we came there on a Sunday. I later on read that they have a catering business in Manila that keeps them busy on weekdays and they opened Deli de San Honore to serve their patrons more. Talk about passion.

Once in a while, we come across restaurants with little expectations, only to be surprised by its potential. Deli de San Honore can well be one of these restuarants. I would love to come back and try their other dishes. Should you visit Tagaytay, I recommend that you stop by this place too and experience its cozy ambiance and great food. You won’t be disappointed!

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Deli De San Honore
9060 Zambal Road, Barangay Neogan,
Tagaytay City
For Reservations: 0915-959-1675

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