Why I’ll Always Look Forward to the Truly Rich Club’s Wealth Summit

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to read Robert Kiyosaki’s best-selling book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The book promotes the importance of financial education and it contains valuable lessons on business and investing. I was so enlightened by the information and insights presented in the book that right after reading it, I started to put my financial goals into perspective and, consequently, started taking actions to achieving them (If you haven’t read the book yet, I highly recommend that you do!  ). 

This has also led me to begin reading more about similar topics. I can say that my financial literacy has improved since then, but I know there’s still so much to learn about investing and building wealth. And thankfully, the Truly Rich Club’s Wealth Summit is here to provide more learnings and guidance on the subject.

The Wealth Summit

The Wealth Summit is a 3-day event held yearly and headed by Bro.Bo Sanchez, a Catholic preacher, business owner and the author of incredible books like My Maid Invests in the Stock Market and 8 Habits of the Happy Millionaire. The summit’s aim is to help Filipinos on their journey to financial freedom. It’s mainly a conference where notable speakers give talks about various topics related to business and financial life. I attended it for the first time last year (same with the Kerygma Conference which I wrote about here), big thanks to Marco who introduced me to it. I love how the event, maintaining its spiritual aspect, brings so many learnings on business and investing. I clearly learned a lot that time and so I was eager to attend it again.

This year, the Wealth Summit took place last March 2 to 4, with the theme, Ready to Launch: Create New and Bigger Income Streams. Aside from the chock-full of learnings, here’s why I find the Wealth Summit worth it and why I’ll always look forward to attending it.

Lessons are imparted by successful entrepreneurs.

These people are successful in their fields so we are sure to be learning from experts. They passionately shared with us their knowledge and the wisdom they’ve gained over the years. Here are just some of the amazing speakers:

Francis Kong, a sought-after business speaker and an entrepreneur, spoke with wit and eloquence on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. He emphasized that business is all about solving problems. We need to have a talent for focusing on the solution rather than the problem. Andrew Que, the owner of Happy Haus Donuts, explored with us franchise opportunities. He discussed the misconceptions and benefits of owning a franchise as well as the terms and fees involved.

Andrew Que, the owner of Happy Haus Donuts

Andrew Que, the owner of Happy Haus Donuts

Rex Mendoza, founder of Rampver Financials and the president and CEO of Philam Life, shared with us some lessons and platforms for future success and how we can expand our earning potential. We also had the chance to meet the founder of The French Baker, Johnlu Koa. I once thought that this restaurant chain was owned by, well, a French. Haha. But he’s proudly Filipino. He emphasized in his talk that at present, “the market is online” since Filipinos are digitizing way quickly.

With all the inspiring and success stories shared, you’ll be motivated and inspired to follow suit.

Aside from the talks given by long-time entrepreneurs, we also listened to testimonials of people who have recently been successfully growing their business. It was so motivating that it got me and Marco brainstorming on possible business opportunities. With all these inspiring stories, there seems to be a resonating message that tells, “If they can do it, so can you!”.

We get updates on the market and trends.

Anton Diaz, the mind behind the popular food and travel blog, Our Awesome Planet, discussed some business trends and how we can prepare for it. Some changes we’re seeing are the e-commerce boom and the increasing focus on the next generation of consumers, the Zentennials (or Gen Z). 

Edward Lee, chairman and founder of the leading online brokerage firm in the Philippines, COL Financial Group Inc., was also present to discuss the good and bad effects of a weak peso and how the country is doing at present.

Anton Diaz, blogger behind Our Awesome Planet, with Bro. Bo Sanchez

The Wealth Summit is a convention of like-minded people.

People who attend this event may have different backgrounds but most likely share the same goals. Because of that, people are open to gaining and sharing ideas. These exchanges are best seen during lunch. Lunchtimes are called Networking Lunch as this is when we the attendees exchange information, gain friends and even build networks.

Networking Lunch

There is an abundance of business ideas.

Marco and I dream of starting our own business someday. We have yet to decide on the right one for us, though. With the summit, we get to gain ideas on various types of businesses. There were classes about home-based businesses, franchising, real estate and establishing yourself online. Interesting stuff!

Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring Sessions led by Dean Pax Lapid – an entrepreneur, business consultant and author of best-selling books. I love this portion. A number of budding entrepreneurs-attendees deliver a sales pitch in front of panelists. The panelists then probe and give advice while we the audience learn terms and concepts about their businesses/business ideas.

The Wealth Summit this year has definitely provided us with learnings we can apply today and in the future. I like how it gave us the motivation to pursue our passion and to make our dreams happen.

On the last day of the event, Bro. Bo announced that there won’t be any Wealth Summit next year. I was disappointed with the news. But then, there’s something huge to expect 2 years from now. There won’t be a summit next year because they need to prepare for a bigger one in 2020. In 2020, the Wealth Summit will be holding an expo! It’ll be big and it’s definitely another thing to look forward to. 

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